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Chryso Zorbas, Clinical Director and Clinical Nutritionist

Chryso Zorbas

Clinical Director and Clinical Nutritionist

 Chryso Zorbas is our clinical director and clinical nutritionist. She works with all our patients and directly with our medical team to assure that each patient gets an individualised Combination Therapy plan which is well balanced and real-time adapted by the medical team. She will also hold your hand nutritionally from day one and guide you along the therapy with a personalized diet plan that will enhance your recovery process.

Combining the two fields of clinical management and clinical nutrition – working as the perfect connector directly between the medical team and the patients, whilst optimizing the patients diet during the treatment course is a highly specialised field. Her acquired knowledge in directing large-scale projects during the last years has prepared her for this new field where cutting-edge medicine in the form of Combination Therapy meets optimizing clinical nutrition.

She has acquired her master’s from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

Dr. Irina Pavlik Marangos, Medical Director and Chief Physician

Dr. Irina Pavlik Marangos

Medical Director and Chief Physician

Dr. Irina Pavlik Marangos has performed hundreds of H.E.L.P. Apheresis for Long Covid and Chronic Illness treatments and has been leading the way in Long Covid and Chronic Illness Combination Therapy (The Cyprus Protocol). She obtained her doctorate at the University hospital Oslo and worked in the field of research and scientific publishing for many years before returning to the front line. 

Her expertise in Combination Therapy, H.E.L.P. Apheresis, Medication treatment protocols, IV Treatments, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Cryotherapy has deepened over many years of treating chronic patients with Long Covid, ME/CFS, Lyme, Fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Beate Jaeger, Medical Advisor

Dr. Beate Jaeger

Medical Advisor

Dr. Beate Jaeger, our clinic’s medical advisor delivers invaluable data to our medical team which cooperates with her by exchanging data and clinical experience. All of our H.E.L.P. Apheresis protocols are based on her work. She recently has published a larger case study about H.EL.P. Apheresis for Long Covid. Our common current focus is to constantly find more affordable and available treatments for the patients, as Help Apheresis despite the great results seen in the last years also has downsides: costs involved/low coverage of insurances and low availability of machines in the next years.

Dr. Gustavo Aguirre-Chang, Medical Advisor

Dr. Gustavo Aguirre-Chang

Medical Advisor

Dr. Aguirre-Chang, who has more than 30 years of professional experience, has worked with us not only on the digital version of the diagnostic screening test for Microclots/ Hypoperfusion/ Hypercoagulability (HHM) Symptoms, but has also contributed with his medical research carried out on Covid in its different forms: acute, subacute and mainly chronic Covid (Long Covid or PASC) and Post Vac Syndrome. In addition, he has developed several widely used “Therapeutic Tests” and large parts of his medication protocols against viral load, hyperactivated platelets and hypercoagulation have been integrated into ‘The Cyprus Protocol’. He has also developed specific diets for Long Covid.

Based on his experience in Long Covid, he is currently developing protocols for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, POTS, Autoimmune Diseases and other diseases and syndromes with fatigue and chronic pain.

You will find an interview about this and other topics of Dr. Gustavo Aguirre-Chang.

Rafaella Evangelou

Senior Nurse

Rafaella Evangelou has been heading nursing teams on the island for many years before she became sick with Long Covid. Our patients love the ‘magic way’ she handles apheresis needles and catheters. Her quite and calm way are a real blessing for all patients that suffer from anxiety and cognitive impairment – knowing Rafaella knows exactly how it feels, gives them great comfort and the feeling to be heard at any time. 

Rafaella Evangelou, Senior Nurse

Salomi Vasileiou

Senior Nurse

Salomi Vasileiou has been the first nurse in Cyprus to complete H.E.L.P. Apheresis training and since has undertaken hundreds of Help Apheresis treatments. On top she has vast experience with young patients and children, being the mother of two. The patience she developed during her parenthood has influenced her way with our patients in many ways, her empathy and calmness are highly appreciated by our patients.

George Kyriacou, Director of Marketing and Patients’ Experience

George Kyriacou

Director of Marketing and Patients’ Experience

George is the one who, together with our Clinical Director Chryso Zorbas and our partners at TravelSupportCyprus, makes sure that your experience from booking to travel to treatment is the best possible. As our patients often tell us ‘if only I had found you sooner’ and similar comments, George is also the one responsible for running our social media and information campaigns so that more people know about our clinic and the Combination Therapy available. After all, marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach, especially in the healthcare industry. That’s why he takes the time to understand our patients unique goals, challenges, and expectations. Our clinic’s tailored actions are designed to meet our patients specific needs and improve their quality of life. George’s many years of experience working at leading companies in the industry in London has enriched his work in his home town of Larnaca.

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